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F290 elettrico


The Artegronda chimney fan embodies the artistic skills of the Artegronda company, a leader in the craft of constructing chimneys in copper and steel, plus the proverbial technical quality and reliability of GEMI electric motors.
Our hand-crafted chimneys are “made to measure” according to the customer’s requirements, with the greatest care for finishing and details, using sheet in copper, stainless steel, or hot-galvanised steel which is then painted. The finished product is of attractive design, as well as being functional and resistant to weather for a long time.
The suction motor installed inside the chimney is produced in Italy by GEMI ELETTRONICA and can be considered the absolute best on the market for its quality, duration and reliability. Truly unique, it continues to function for several minutes even in the case of a chimney flue fire, it does not need any maintenance and, when switched off, it does not impede the normal outward flow of smoke. It is extremely silent and on average consumes only about € 20 per year in electricity.


If the chimney flue is not working properly, there can be several explanations: it is too small, too short, too cold, deviations could be hampering the flow of smoke, or it could be exposed to strong winds. Therefore interventions (often costly and invasive) may not always solve the problem completely.
To install an Artegronda electric chimney fan, instead, is the ideal solution because, whatever is causing the flue to malfunction, the smoke is forcibly conveyed to the exterior. Furthermore, the Artegronda chimney fan is provided with a control panel (to be installed close to the chimney place) with 6 different speeds for adjusting the suction power. 
The Artegronda chimney fan can also be useful when there is no fire; if, for example, you want to quickly refresh the air in the room where the chimney is situated (stale air, humidity, stagnation, over-heated...) you only have to open a window and switch on the extractor for a few minutes at top speed. Or, when you remove the ashes from the fireplace, by switching on the extractor you will prevent the ashes from scattering in the room. And also, when you light the fire, by switching on the extractor you create a “bellows effect” making the job much easier.

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